Rumblings From Freddy in Boca Where Its 80 Degrees

The beginning of February says to me..2 weeks before pitchers and catchers report.  You can hear the ball popping into the catchers mitt..  I remember as a kid watching the 6 o’clock news and there was Vince Bagli with his 60 second report from Miami Stadium. Thank goodness he didn’t use some of that time to give a high school scores. February while going to school at Maryland.  Well, usually too cold to leave the SAM House for most classes but somehow it was never too cold to take that long walk up to Cole to see the likes of Bob McAdoo, Barry Parkhill and the greatest college basketball player I ever saw David Thompson tangle with the likes of Tom McMillen, Len Elmore, John Lucas and Mo Howard.  Ever wonder why we didn’t have any war protests in February? Too cold to riot on the mall and on Rt 1…. February meant driving in the ice and snow to Bowie, Maryland racing’s “Hialeah”.  It’s too cold in February….Maybe that’s why I live in Boca.

Musing  from Freddy in Boca

Note from Bruce:  As we all know Terp Talk at its Roots is a ZBT site however Freddy, along with Mackler, Snitzer, and many others were friends from SAM

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  1. freddy from boca

    could have sworn terptalk at its roots in a terps fan site.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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