Colts 28 Saints 27 as Stover Boots Winning 44 Yard Field Goal With No Time Left

The Super Bowl is clearly the 2nd biggest game of the day today. Just for reference I saw the Who perform Tommy at Merriweather in 1969 –over 40 years ago. And Tommy was a few years old back then. Perhaps next year Bill Haley and the Comets will perform. (Rock Around the Clock). About my only interest in the Super Bowl is to root for a true Raven, Matt Stover, to be the hero. This is not out of my unhappiness over not resigning him but the fact that #3 still loves Baltimore.

To me there is only 1 game I care about tomorrow.

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  1. freddy from boca

    Sorry can not root for Indy for any reason. One of the best way I can describe my feelings is to pass along this story. A personal trainer at the gym I go to is Black. He is a big Florida State fan. I asked him as a Fl St fan do you hate Florida or just don’t like Florida. His response was if Florida was playing the klu klux klan he would root for the klan. I’d root for anyone playing against Indy to beat the them. So I hope Stover misses every kick he attempts and I hope New Orleans blows-out Indy.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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