Please Don’t Ever Mention Peyton’s name in the Same Breath as Johnny U—Saints 31 Colts 17

Johnny Unitas Baltimore Colts

All of you Old Timers out there. name me 1 play that Johnny U ever made in a crucial game that equals the disastrous interception Peyton threw to realistically end the game. Even when the Jets defeated the Colts, it was an ancient Johnny U who had barely played that season, that came off the bench to rally the Colts. I really don’t remember any big time int against the Browns in 64 when Gary Collins caught 3 touchdown passes to beat the Colts. ┬áBy the way Jim Polian , your season started to slide the second you made that idiotic decision to forfeit the game to the Jets ruining a possible perfect season. Yes the Indy Colts, Jim Irsay , and #18 were knocked down a few pegs in this loss. Too Bad. REMEMBER THE MAYFLOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. freddy from boca

    in the browns game unitas either missed or didn’t see jimmy orr late in the first half along the far sideline when we were going right to left when we were still in the game. (and please don’t say that was in the super bowl because that was morrall mising orr as we were going right to left as orr was deep and all alone. but the browns game was all dr. frank ryan to gary collins making bobby boyd look like a junior high school reserve.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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