Apolo Ohno–Consumate Champion of Short Track–and Other Olympic Moments

These short track races fascinate me. It seemed like Ohno was robbed last night by a Canadian judge but he took the controversial decision stripping him of a silver medal, like the Champion he is. Twenty minutes later he led a late surge of the US relay team to a Bronze medal.Once every 4 years is enough short track for me. I think the country has seen enough of the Nyquil commercial.

It’s a shame this wasn’t an Olympic sport 35 years ago when Ralphie Validerez and the LA Tbirds dominated Roller Derby. What a natural ¬†Ralphie would have been. No one ever passed him on the inside.

What was up with Mancuso’s meltdown in the Giant slalom? The rumors of bad blood between her and Lindsay Vonn must have some merit. Mancuso had won 2 silver medals before leaving the games and not participating in the slalom. Lindsay—rooting for a German to win a gold medal doesn’t fly in marketing yourself in the US.

The USA wins 4 medals in Nordic and is about to medal and maybe win in the 4 man bobsled!!! What’s going on?

Has Putin exiled or executed the Russian hockey coach yet after being crushed by Canada.?

Let’s face it the whole Olympics comes down to the showdown at 3PM on Sunday in the Gold Medal Hockey Game. ¬†Can Ryan Miller do it one more time? It will be amusing to watch the entire nation of Canada disappear into oblivion should they lose. I do respect how the entire crowd belts out Oh Canada during their Gold Medal celebration. If I have to watch Sid The Kid celebrate, it will make me nauseous. Can we borrow Ovie for 1 game?

Highlight of the Olympics—trying to make sense out of a Bode Miller interview. What is he trying to say?

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