ACC 78 Big Least 57———–Butler 52 Spartans 50—Random Comments

It’s utterly amazing that the preparation for the first Maryland game could turn around the entire season for Duke. Why? Because Coach K thought to give Zoubek the start because of his size advantage. Presto, Duke only lost 1 more game the entire season to who else but the Terps. Zoubek is now the key to this team. Again last night he got double digit rebounds and he makes things so difficult for the opposing bigs. Talk about the big 3 all you want but Zoubek is the difference.

Don’t forget Duke and Maryland tied for ACC supremacy. By the way—the Big East —gone—-The Big Ten—gone.

Izzo please stop crying about the no call against Green down the wire. Sparty lost so move on.

Every game I watch Gordon Heyward from Butler , I am even more impressed. Many of the talking heads have stated already that Butler has no chance Monday night. provided Shelvin Mack is healthy, I totally disagree.  More analysis tomorrow.

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  1. freddy from boca

    i think…stop crying about a loss and move on…. should be something some people need to actually follow rather than just telling others to do.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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