Kentucky Lands Brandon Knight for 2010 and Michael Gilchrist for 2011—Calipari Cries About Losing 4 Early

I wanted to puke as I listened to Calipari whine about losing John Wall, Patrick Pattersom, Demarcus Cousins, and Eric Bledsoe early to the NBA draft. Saying he doesn’t go after one and done guys is bizarre. I can’t believe all these top guys want to play for him.  He never has won the title, in fact he admittedly blew the Championship game when he was with Memphis. He wrecked 2 great programs. Sorry no respect here Coach Cal. By the way Knight graduated from one of the best Academic high schools in the nation–Pinecrest in Florida.

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  1. eek

    Bruce, you are a baby..go back and re-read that blubbering mess you just wrote. Who is the whiner here?.Did you cry on your keyboard as you were writing it?..No wait, i bet you copied and pasted from another one of a hundred message boards that whine about the same thing.
    Tired of it dude…No go write something significant…Go, Go now!! you can do it my friend, you can.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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