What Did The Ravens Do To Deserve This Schedule?


Let the trash talking begin. First game of the year at the Jets on Monday night.  It’s the Rex (he never played a down) and the Ray (Bart chosen over him) show. It will be a no holds barred cage match. Then the Raves have 2 of the next 3 on the road at Cinci and Pittsburgh. Why? Three night games on the road.  Four of our last 6 home games after Thanksgiving. It’s ridiculous. Harbaugh has his work cut out for him.

Ravens Regular Season Schedule (All times Eastern)

Week 1: Monday, Sep. 13, at NY Jets, 7:00 PM
Week 2: Sunday, Sep. 19, at Cincinnati, 1:00 PM
Week 3: Sunday, Sep. 26, Cleveland, 1:00 PM
Week 4: Sunday, Oct. 3, at Pittsburgh, 1:00 PM
Week 5: Sunday, Oct. 10, Denver, 1:00 PM
Week 6: Sunday, Oct. 17, at New England, 1:00 PM
Week 7: Sunday, Oct. 24, Buffalo, 1:00 PM
Week 8: BYE
Week 9: Sunday, Nov. 7, Miami, 1:00 PM
Week 10: Thursday, Nov. 11, at Atlanta, 8:20 PM
Week 11: Sunday, Nov. 21, at Carolina, 1:00 PM
Week 12: Sunday, Nov. 28, Tampa Bay, 1:00 PM
Week 13: Sunday, Dec. 5, Pittsburgh, 8:20 PM
Week 14: Monday, Dec. 13, at Houston, 8:30 PM
Week 15: Sunday, Dec. 19, New Orleans, 1:00 PM
Week 16: Sunday, Dec. 26, at Cleveland, 1:00 PM
Week 17: Sunday, Jan. 2, Cincinnati, 1:00 PM

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  1. freddy from boca


    How do other schedules compare to Ravens
    The NFL dealt an imposing start for the 2010 season to the Ravens, who have to play a large portion of the first two months on the road. But in looking at the other NFL teams, the Ravens aren’t alone.

    The Ravens have to play their first two games on the road. Two others (Miami and Arizona) have to do the same.

    The Ravens have to travel for three of their first four games. Five others (Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Detroit, San Francisco and Arizona) have the same burden.

    And the Ravens have to deal with four road games in the first six weeks of the season. Four others (Indianapolis, San Diego, Detroit and Atlanta) have the same challenge.

    The only difference is the caliber of those first four road opponents. The Ravens are the only one who have to travel to four teams who had winning records last season.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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