Does Jared Gaither Survive the Next 24 Hours and Remain a Raven? I Doubt It

Tonight is the NFL 1st Round draft and the key question for Terrapin fans is will Jared still be a Raven after tonight. Matt Zenitz explained to me why Gaither needs to be traded. Jared is a left tackle who perhaps might not be as good as Michaek Oher. However, whereas it seems its easy to switch Gaither over to the right side, the money difference between the 2 tackle positions is astronomical. Apparently the Ravens refuse to pay 2 lineman left tackle money. Agent Drew Rosenhaus will never let Gaither setlle for 2nd tier money. Now I believe letting the ex Terp go for anything less then a 1st round pick would be a mistake. I just find it hard to believe that the Ravens think they caNn easily fill that RT spot after the poor performance of ONeill Cousins in a sub role at RT.  Anyone can play right tackle, any reliever can be a closer, kickers are easy to replace, etc. All of that being said, I refuse to ever 2nd guess perhaps the strongest organization when it comes to the NFL draft. Ozzie, DeCosta , and Company are simply the best and their track record proves it.

Speaking of Terps and the NFL draft, most experts believe there are possibly 6 Terrapins who might be drafted: Projected 1st Rounder Bruce Campbell, FB Cory Jackson, Center Phil Costa, Travis Ivey, Nolan Carroll, Terrell Skinner. QB Chris Turner should definitely enter a training camp.

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  1. freddy from boca

    campbell will go in the first or second round. carroll in the 5-6-or 7 ivey has a chance in 6-7, skinner 6-7 the rest have little or no chance of being draftes. costa is nothing exceptional. turner lacks a quick release and mobility, few blocking backs get drafted so jackson will have to go the free agent route.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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