I am only saying what everyone is thinking. Ten points to back this up:

1) Trembley is just ineffective with this team. As bad as the Orioles seem, they are not a 2-12 team. There is no fire on this club. He will never win with these guys It’s nice that they have his back after the players have buried him so deeply.

2) It’s inevitable that Cal returns to the organization. Not to bring him back now is just absurd. Unlike many of the pretenders who have been sitting in as manager, Cal knows Baltimore, he is Oriole baseball and the fans thoroughly believe this. Julio Lugo will not trot out a grounder to short with Cal on the bench.

3) The trouble the Orioles have had landing significant free agents will disappear when the living legend enters the negotiations.

4) I am aware that Cal wants to closely watch his kid in his last 2 years of high school. The last time I looked, managing in Baltimore  should afford him this opportunity. Every parent feels the same way but retirement from life is too extreme in order to watch high school sports, especially when there is a community calling out for him.

5) Watching the slow demise of the O’s has to hurt Cal more then we know. Baltimore needs Ripken now and #8 has to be aware of this.

6) The pitching this year has been more then adequate. The bullpen is suffering from one of the most idiotic decisions in recent memory, the Sherrill trade. But what the heck we can jettison 12 million and find another stopper, right?

7) Cal was tutored by some of the best minds of baseball, yet he will inject his own successful brand into his role. Ex Orioles and foes will rush to the aid of #8. He will enter a position where success is guaranteed because the level of failure the team possesses right now is at its peak.

8 ) Check the attendance figures lately, this team needs an infusion of excitement immediately. With Cal at the helm going to the park will be fun again.

9) What I am saying is what everyone is thinking. Mr A just do it. If everyone is so insistent the Orioles stay in this absurd division, then give the team ammunition that no one can equal. The living legend will turn this team. Unfortunately Trembley doesn’t know which way to turn. Relieve him of his misery. If you have been watching the post game interviews, you have to feel sorry for him. The water is so far over his head , he can’t see the surface.

10) Mr A you won’t have to beg Cal, just lay the cards on the table, the city, the teams needs him and needs him now!!! Close the deal!!!!

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  1. Mike

    Great article – WE WANT CAL!

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. freddy from boca

    i have never been a fan of trembley as manager. to me he’s abullpen coach and a bullpen coach is the guys who answers the phone and tells someone to warm up. in regards to ripken, i think he would be a very good manager. i don’t think ripken as manager will bring a lot of fans to the park other than for a couple of games. as great a manager as earl weaver was people didn’t buy tickets to watch earl sit in the dugout and smoke. teams that win or guys who are pitching wonders…koufax, fernando valenzuela during fernandomania, fidrych, vida blue,,,bring people to the park. ripken owns a couple of minor league teams and has youth complexes so he’s not sitting around doing nothing. i think he would like to be back in the “majors” though. and george sherrill’s era this year is 11.57

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  3. Bart


    Ripken will NEVER be the manager of this club, or any other.
    We want him in the GM seat. Macphail can groom him to take over, once he leaves for the commish seat.
    Ripken doesn’t want to manage, and his legacy would better serve us, as the GM.
    When they go after the top international Free Agents, they will have a huge advantage with Cal at the table.

    Palmer would make the better and perfect manager. He never lost, and no one would ever question his motives etc. He is a pure winner.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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