As Expected —Gaither, Michael Oher Flip Flop Tackle Positions

The movie star’s role is complete. Michael Oher has taken the starting left tackle position position away from Jared Gaither. Jared now becomes the right tackle. The rumors still persit that Jared might be traded to Buffalo leaving the right side for O’Neill Cousins. I can’t believe the Ravens would make that move considering how poorly Cousins played last year. In his most extensive interview with reporters since joining the Ravens in 2007, Gaither gave his support to Oher, the lineman who replaced him.  “I know he’ll do great,” Gaither said. “He has a tremendous upside. He’s much more improved and has much more improvement to do. He’ll do a phenomenal job at left tackle.”

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  1. freddy from boca

    you want your best, toughest and most dependable lineman playing left tackle. gaither has not showed any toughness, has poor work habits, misses too many games so you can’t depend on him. there comes a time when potential needs to transfer to consistent play. if the guy is 6-9 330 with quick feet but doesn’t play on a consistent basis and doesn’t play consistently well why have him on the team. i’d give gaither a little more time but at right tackle.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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