Bullpen Blows Another Game as Oakland Defeats O’s 7-5 With 5 Run 7th

I really don’t know what to say anymore. I was at the ballpark and this is what I observed.

It’s utterly amazing how the fans stay loyal. No boo-birds, no bags over the head, just continue praying for a turnaround as if this game might be the one to change things.

Time after time the O’s failed to deliver in the clutch. Yes they converted bases loaded chances into a few runs but the scoring was downright ugly.

To his credit, Tejada seems the only guy on the team with real fire in his eyes.

I had a great hot pastrami sandwich from Attman’s.

Cla Meredith should wear big horn rimmed glasses even if he doesn’t need them. The submarine pitch strikes little fear in the hearts of RH hitters.

The O’s are 15-33 They need to go 66-48 to reach .500. I forgot this is a rebuilding year.What is Garrett Atkins still doing in the lineup? Lou Montanez?

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  1. freddy from boca

    trembley is very consistent. poor decision after poor decision, particularly in regards to the pitching staff. no reason to take bergensen out and than no reason to take berken out. and meredith is horrible. poor decisions, lack of fire, lack of leadership. team plays with little discipline. no one knows how to win. at this point the fans should stay away. they are not getting any value for the money they are spending. garrett atkins must miss using steroids

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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