Lakers Over The Celtics in 6—Pierce is Great But Kobe is Better

The Lakers will dispatch the Celtics in 6 games. here are a few reasons why:

Kobe is playing on all cylinders and there is no one better in the NBA then #8. His shot down the wire against Grant Hill was one of the most incredible I have ever seen.

Derek Fischer frustrated Steve Nash—sometimes. He will destroy the rhythm of Rajon Rondo.

Ron artest has found his game. he is on a mission. When he hiots his 3s , the Lakers cannot lose.

Garnett– Gasol—Push

Doc Rivers is a better coach then the Zen Master but his go to guys are old and the games are wearing them down.

Lamar Odum is much

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  1. freddy from boca

    the celtics are better at pushing the ball up the court and the lakers don’t get back in transistion well. it’s the celtics.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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