The Ghosts of Billick and Marchibroda , Return to Raven’s Play Calling as the Patriots Win Field Position and Game 23-20

It’s not like the Ravens didn’t have chance after chance to win this game. I for one still cannot understand why Ray Rice gets 28 runs, 8 receptions, and probably 3 more missed passes when the Offense has been so improved. By my count out 69 plays 39 had #27 written all over it. Now after a while doesn’t it become clear who you have to overplay. The offense though still too conservative for me, was somewhat effective in the first 3 quarters but holy cow from the 4th quarter on it was pathetic.

To me the key play was Mason’s drop of the touchdown pass that led to a FG and only a 10 point lead.

The cheap helmut to helmut hit on Todd Heap should result in #31 missing a few games and paychecks. Even Bellichick looked digusted.

Where was Willis McGahee?

I think the final game winning field goal would have been good from 70 yards.

Billy Cundiff has been doing a great job but the one Kickoff that he missed cost us dearly.

Ngata has to be the MVP so far for the Ravens. He has power, speed, and the ability to mame the big play when needed.

It’s pretty sad when you lose the game on the basis of a 62 yard punt. Cam take the reigns off of #5 and let the chips fall.

Before despair sets in remember the Ravens are 4-2 and our next 2 games are against Buffalo –and Tampa.

The winning FG by the Patriots would have been good from 70 yards.

Oh–did we miss Ed Reed today.

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  1. freddy from boca

    would have thougth franklin from md was the ravens offensive co-ordinator in the 4th q. more conservative than the tea party.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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