Yankee Stadium Empties as Hamilton, Molina and the Rangers Humiliate The Bronx Bombers

There is nothing like a 4 hour baseball game , so I guess when replay is added we will begin to see 4 1/2 hour games. I sat down to eat at Costas just about when the game began. We had our crabs which were phenomenal as usual– watched some of the Yankee-Rangers game., had dessert, sat around and talked and then left for home about 9:45. There was a huge backup on the beltway and we checked in about 10:30. It was the bottom of the 5th!!! I watched the World Series of Poker on Tivo and then tuned back in to the game at 11:25–IT WAS THE TOP OF THE 8th Inning. The last 2 innings were played in a swift 50 minutes. And the MLB wonders why MNF and sometimes WWE has many more viewers!!!! Let’s squeeze the strike zone a little more.

Hats off to Ron Washington, for leading the Rangers into the World Series with just one more win. Certainly a Giants-rangers Series would be refreshing!!!!

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  1. freddy from boca

    giants-rangers. considering you buried the rangers last sat and declared the phils a mortal lock to win it all please tell me who you like when the series begins so i can bet the other way.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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