Ravens Outplayed in Every Phase of the Game–Yet Atlanta Needs Some Zebra Help to Win

Sickening!!! That’s the feeling in my gut 30 minutes after the loss. Rest assured the Ravens will win 11 games and make the playoffs. But the road to Dallas will be just that –on the road. Some thoughts on 3 hours of watching an entertaining game with a disappointing ending.

Was it me or did the announcing team puke all over themselves praising Matt Ryan. Joe Flacco has won 3 playoffs games. Matt Ryan —0. It was just tough to listen to. Matt Millon hates the Ravens but Joe Theisman–why would he get caught up in Raven criticism. For the most part Ryan had all day to throw and Flacco was taking hit after hit. Is 55 the only guy who can get to the QB?

Roddy White was superb but he dropped 2 passes one of which would have put the game away and he admitted to pushing down Josh wilson on the key play. Wow, where were Wilson’s teammates backing him up in his contention he was interfered with. Did I miss anyone having his back?

Why in the world would the Ravens sleepwalk through the first half. It was agonizing to watch.

It’s great to have our running game enhanced by Donte Stallworth but I thought he was a wide receiver.

Billy Cundiff is incredible. Matt Stover is now a forgotten memory. If he isn’t All Pro there is no justice.

Suggs’ facemask penalty? I don’t know.

How could the Ravens have used more clock when they scored the TD. Should we have some run plays. It sounds funny but did you really think the game was over when we scored and left 1;20 on the clock.

Maybe the coaching staff needs to have Joe come out in a no huddle to try and liven this team on the road. Because that’s where the Ravens will be for the playoffs!!!!!

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