The King Reigns in Cleveland–Reminiscent of the Pearl’s Return to Baltimore

LeBron was simply awesome last night at the Q in Cleveland. Amid chants of Traitor and Akron Hates You, the once revered King and his mates took it to the Cavs. LeBron scored 38, as his team had his back and humiliated Cleveland. ┬áTurn the clock back 29 years , when the Pearl held out and forced a trade to New York. A similar kind of venom flowed through Baltimore that night as Earl returned to Baltimore. Boos and a feeling of betrayal was in the air. But let’s be real it was all about money. To this day Earl admits it was never the same after he left Baltimore. anyway, Earl put on a show never to be forgotten.Here is a video tribute to the greatest Bullet of all time Earl The Pearl Monroe: (Roman, Freddie, Ricklen, Irv, and every Bullet fan will love this)

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  1. freddy from boca

    great great video. i could hear karvellas saying…here’s the pearl spinning, faking, fading away…bullseye! earl favorite athlete of all time. yes, over brooks and johnny u.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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