Cameron Takes The Fall For “The Play”

It’s pretty bad when everyone knows what the play is but here is what Cam had to say:”You’re looking at the guy responsible,” Cameron said. “There was a flaw in that protection. We don’t have a protection where [No.] 43 [Polamalu] comes unblocked. We don’t have a run play where 43 comes unblocked in that game. There are some cases where guys can be unblocked — [but] not him.

“There was a flaw there that I did not catch for some reason. In 25-plus years, I have never seen that happen, and it showed up at the worst possible time it could have, and it’s my job to catch that flaw. That flaw has been corrected. … Next time you see a guy unblocked in that protection, it’ll be where the quarterback’s expecting it to be unblocked.”

Hats off to the OC for taking the bullet.It doesn’t ease the pain of the loss but I am sure #5 has to respect his Coach.

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