It Was Freezing in LA today—Wait The Game was in DC —- Lakers 103 Wiz 89

If you closed your eyes and listened you would have thought you were in LA. The lakers are a team and I mean a real team. Yes Kobe and Shannon Brown fire up the shots but that’s where it ends. Derek Fisher and Steve Blake are excellent at setting up the offense. One of my Terp Talk reporters, Lauren H had a great interview with Stevie earlier in the day . Hear it Thursday night on Terp Talk at 6PM. In fairness to the reeling Wizards, playing without John Wall and Dray made a victory virtually impossible. But the Lakers play the game to the utmost and are a true joy to watch. The Zen Master and Kobe should record another title.

When oh when will my Bullets become competitive again. Flip just doesnt have the talent. Perhaps the dump last year went one step too far when Caron was traded. Maybe the return of Josh Howard could change things. But this much I know, Gilbert must recover his scoring offense or this team might not win 25 games. With no down low scoring presence, only runs by Gil will bring out the defense. Anyway it was a packed house and maybe the deepest Alist presence I can remember. By the way Donovan McNabb was not exactly thrilled when he was booed by the DC fans. Coach Williams and AD Kevin Anderson were in attendance certainly watching Steve Blake.

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