Big Time Football Will Return to College Park With The Arrival Of Mike Leach!!!!!!!!

Sometimes a change needs to be made. This had to be the way Kevin Anderson felt as the chain of events have unfolded. Mike Leach is one of the great offensive minds of the past decade as proven by his tremendous record for Texas Tech in the Big 12. Check out a brief bio on Mike Leach. Leach was able to develop mediocre talented QBs into phenomenal spread QBs wherever he coached.Everyone remembers the great game against Texas when Michael Crabtree caught the TD pass with seconds left. The one ingredient Leach needs is already present at Maryland and that of course is QB1 Danny O’Brien. Mike Leach is anxious to come to Maryland, he will fill the seats and in the long run perhaps the ACC will take notice or the Big Ten or Big East will come calling when Maryland’s football is back on top like it was a half a century ago.

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  1. Ryan


    I am so glad you are on board with this. All Turtle fans, know you are a big part of the terps media and fan presence.
    I think bringing Leach here, especially on a recruiting front, and creativity front, that MD will be an elite program in no time. Maybe even as soon as next season.

    Here is a offensive genious, taking control with an elite college QB, and tons of offensive weapons.

    Step 1……..Talk Torrey and Kenny into staying 1 more year.

    Can he do it?

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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