Wizards Dump Gilbert to Orlando For Essentially Nothing—Save 30 Million in the Process

When the New England Patriots sent Randy Moss packing , it was simply a case of addition by subtraction. Same story here. For the last 3 years Gilbert was a curse to the Wizards but his contract was so stron, nothing could be done to extricate him. Not anymore, Good luck Stan Van Gundy . Maybe you are a miracle worker.

By the way, only the Wizards could have found a way to lose to Miami last night–up by 5 with 32 seconds left. Josh Howard was a welcome addition back on the roster though he did miss a couple of key free throws.

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  1. Ryan

    Yes, they save money. But for what? Who are they going to get?
    Blatche, is who needs to go in my opinion. Wall will be a sparkplug, but for those that watch, he is never going to be a Kobe or Lebron. He isn’t even gonna be a Chris Paul type. He just can’t shoot.
    So, they need a TOP tier PF badly. Now, they need a 2G. I don’t think Nick Young is the answer either.

    In my humble opinion. McGee will be a viable Center. Wall will be a good PG. They need an athletic wing, a 2, and a 4.
    What is the money for?
    Who are the big free agents this year?
    It would be something if they went after Melo.

    I also liked hearing the rumor that Bischotti was in talks to bring an NBA team to Baltimore.
    WOuldn’t that be great?
    I’m bailing on the Caps. Being from Bmore, I just root for whos closest in the NBA and NHL. The Washington teams will drive you crazy.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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