No Big Deal–Ravens Win Game They Should Win 27-24

I hope no one is shocked. The Saints can pull their cheap shot bully tactics on many teams and get away with it, but not in Baltimore. The Ravens ran the ball down the Saints throats.  Some observations of the victory that moves the Ravens to 10-4:

Is our punter Koch  a magician. Game after game, he pins the opponents concistently inside the 10.

Ray Rice -153 yards rushing–an incredible performance.

We can’t criticize the play calling today. 4th and 1 the Ravens faked up the middle and pitched to the right for 30 yards.

The td pass to ray Rice was a thing of beauty.

The criticism keeps coming down on Harbaugh and the Ravens are 10-4.

I think we all know that if we met the Saints in the Superbowl they could be much tougher.

Were all the wide receivers covered today?

Steelers –    Polamalu    =   Defeat

If you think New England is invincible you must not have watched the Sunday night game of the week.

If you think the clock management of the Ravens is weak–the Giants and the packers each choked away their games by insanely poor clock management.

I loved Ed Reed’s comment post game when asked about stats and pride of the defense by Stan White #20 responded “who cares about stats –its all about w’s.

Apparently Ray Lewis gave an inspiring pre game speech Saturday night. What a coach he will make one day. Speaking of coaches, Brian Billick was excellent as an analyst on the tube.

I am beginning to regret not sending in my post season payment for tickets. I hope the Ravens prove me stupid and have home field advantage. Victory is everything!!!

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