Ravens Coast to 30-7 Victory over KC—Steelers Next—Modell Vetoed From HOF

What a great day for the Ravens. Please no second guessing Cam and #5 today. They were flawless as was the defense causing 5 turnovers.

Joe was spectacular today and A game for him. His qb rating was 115 and this was with constant pressure from Coach Romeo Cornell’s Chief defense. His main target was Todd heap who had 10 receptions. There is no question that when Heap is on the Ravens are a much better team.

Jamaal Charles did torch the Ravens once but that was about it for the Chiefs.

This sets up THE MATCH game 3 with the Steelers in Pittsburgh. Let the trash talking begin.

Art Modell was snubbed again by the HOF selection committee leaving his name off the final ballot. Shannon Sharpe and Deion Sanders both made the final cut.

The Chiefs did not enjoy the trouncing they received and took numerous cheap shots at the Ravens.

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    wht modell did to cleve was actually worse than what irsay did to balt. the browns were averaging 80,000 fans a game. he was the only nfl owner losing money. he should have sold the team to local interest. don’t tell me about the stadium issue there. modell wanted control of cleve stadium and he got it. why he wanted control of of out dated stadium who knows? he was not the best businessman.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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