I am stunned. Baltimore is stunned. Harbaugh is in shock. There is nothing to say except this was one of the worst losses in Baltimore sports history. Just some points before I put the football season to rest.

Dropped passes by Anquan and TJ sickened me. Everytime I watch one of 3 supposed receiving superstars show up their QB I get sick. Well TJ hit the road. Anquan TD drop could have been the difference. We are all tired of making excuses for the offense. The entire offense deserves a F and let it be said they wasted what could have been a great season.

#5 was very disappointing. His interception was a clear misfiring. Again we had the at midfield with 1:30 left and a timeout. can’t we ever score down the wire to win?

Jets, pats, the NFC –who cares.

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    don’t blame flacco. no running game.. dropped passes. nah, not flacco’a fault. o line fell apart in the 2nd half. boldin drops td pass housh drops key “first down pass”, heap dropped a pass or 2. mason never got open.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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