“Trouble in Paradise” Flacco Upset over Firing of Zorn—-Ravens Need to Clear Up Mess—Its Crisis Time Coach Harbaugh

“I’m not happy about it, and they know I’m not happy about it,” Flacco said.  Zorn was dismissed on Thursday after one season with Baltimore. Flacco said he considers the move to be a personal attack on his own performance this season. Speaking Saturday before jumping into the icy Chesapeake Bay for the annual Polar Bear Plunge, Flacco said, “Usually when you fire a position coach, it’s because you’re not really happy with how that position did. “And when I look back on my season and our season as a team, I mean, we won 13 games. I felt like I had a pretty good year and you’re firing the quarterback coach? It’s kind of an attack on me, I feel like,” Flacco said.  from espn.com

No one can feel positive about the direction the Ravens are heading. First they have to sit home and watch Pittsburgh, a team they should have beaten 3 times this year, win the Super Bowl next week. This year is eerily similar to the 13-3 season the Ravens lost to Indy in 2006. The following year (2007 5-11) was a disaster and Billick’s last. This loss could have that same effect should the Ravens stay with the status quo. Changes in mentality are needed quickly. Complainers and whiners should be jettisoned. Perhaps a QB should be drafted in a late round for development. Whatever free agents are brought in should be superior players who are desperate to win. No more me guys. It crisis time Coach Harbaugh!!!!!!

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  1. Dionisios34

    Sounds to me like Flacco was saying that in Zorn, they let the wrong guy go. The other point I think everyone has missed is that with Zorn’s dismissal, Joe will now have his 3rd different QB coach in the last 3 successive years. That’s not good for continuity and it can’t be good for his growth.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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