2011 Recruit Greg Whittington In the House for the UVA Game
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  1. Ryan

    Great. So he can see them play flat, and get beat by a weak team. lol.

    Is there any chance Gary retires after this year or does his personality not let him?

    The issue is, things ain’t gonna get any better.
    He just can’t recruit. Topoko just committed somewhere else.

    Anderson is going somewhere else.

    The problem is, for some reason, we have become accepting of this mediocrity.
    Gary truly believes in his mind, that the last 8 years have not been a downturn.
    No sweet 16s.
    We have lost to American, George Mason, Morgan St. and more. VCU?
    We have been bumped in the 1st round of the ACC like 5 times.
    We haven’t been in the top 25 anywhere NEAR as regularly as we were from 95-03.

    We were an elite program.
    Now we are a joke.
    I am so glad this class is graduating, because it was such a waste, with the exception of Dino these last 2 seasons.

    When Hubert and WHittington go elsewhere, what will he say then?

    Well, he’ll say nothing, because he is so freaking arrogant.
    He isn’t gonna get fired, because he won a title, and blew another 1.
    IDK. I just hope he retires. I’m gonna start calling in to his show and say how important it is for men in their golden years to spend time with their family. lol. Maybe it’ll be like a plant in inception.

    Maybe Anderson will bite the bullet and can him. Last year was the worst thing that could’ve happened. It was a fluke, and a mirage. Proven by the 1st round loss to GT, and getting beat by MSU (Without their best player)

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. Rich

    I don’t believe Whittington was in the house today. A no show. Not a good sign.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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