Roger Mason Jr—ERRRRRRRRR Sammy Zeglinski and Pours in 25 AS UVA Ruins Senior Day at College Park With 74-60 Victory

The Terps finished the regular season 18-13 and 7-9 in the ACC. Not much else is needed to be said. 17,500 watched the hoos get on top early and never relinquish the lead. That’s UVA. Again I am speechless. I just never imagined the Terps below .500 in this years ACC.

Jordan and Dino combined for 12-20 from the field and 32 points overall. That’s about where it ended as the rest of the team shot 9-29.The numbers are so bad I will not dwell on them.

What happens now–I am afraid Maryland would have to run the table at ACC tournament to get a ticket to the dance.

Gary opened up his post game comments —- “Our three seniors played their last home game and they did a good job over a four-year period, both on the court and graduation-wise. They were part of our championship team that tied with Duke last year. They have some things that they will remember that are very positive. Going on with their lives, as they leave here, they will be ready to go with a degree and hopefully will be successful in whatever they chose to do.”

Montrose Christian star Junior Justin Anderson was in the house today. He told that his decision is down to UNC, UVA, and Maryland. Expect the decision within the next 6 weeks.

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  1. Ryan


    Gary keeps bringing up that TIE last year in the regular season.
    That FLUKE is more like it.
    Cliff Tucker, one of the most dissappointing players in MD history, hit 1 shot in 4 years, and it happened to be the game winner against GT last year.
    4 NIT’s in 8 years, all of that on the heels of back to back final 4’s.
    That is pathetic.

    Losing that game probably cost them Whittington AND Anderson.
    I am SOOOOOO glad this class is gone. I can’t wait til next year also when Mosely, another huge bust is gone.

    Way to frustrating. And the apoligists are out a plenty.

    It’s been 8 bad years.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. freddy from boca

    3 lackluster performances in a row. has this team given up? will they go one and out in the acc tourney and n.i.t.? just the sound of “n.i.t” stinks. the long term future of the basketball program needs to be addressed in the next yr or so. probably sooner than later. gary is 66. it would be nice if he can coach 25 yrs at md. however 4 nit’s in the last 7 yrs. empty seats at comcast. certainly back to back final fours and an ncaa championship changed the expectations of fans from that point on. i don’t think many fans expect gary to be coaching at 70. does gary have “the right’ to leave when he wants to because of his many career contributions to the university or is it simply just a business decision. you’re paying a coach 2 million a yr for less than desirable results. the new a.d. has a big decision to make and a big hiring coming up. hopefully he will handle his next signing more professionally than how he handled the football head coaching situation and the shannon fiasco. what are realistic goals for a program such as maryland. is it at least top 25 every yr? making a serious run at the final 4 once every 6-8 yrs. 3-4 sweet 16’s every 10 yrs? personally i think md. with the conference they’re in, having a great campus just outside of washington, a great on campus facility, a solid basketball history and in an area with plenty of talent should be top 25 program 8 out of every 10 yrs. anyway, it ain’t over till it’s over. can md. get hot and sweep the acc tourney. i’ve seen it done before…can tucker and moseley come out of their yr long funk and each score 12-14 pts a game in the tourney? can j williams dominate inside? can stoglin go for 20 a game. if so md has a shot. it could happen! the opportunity is there.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  3. Dave Vatz

    It obviously looks very grim for Maryland, but I have always respected the fact that Gary Williams never disrespects his players openly, and is always behind his team. It would have been very easy to do that this season, and he has not. Whatever happens in this ACC Tournament, I just hope that next year Maryland can do better.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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