For What its Worth—3 out of 4 Ins’t That Bad—-Duke Falls hard to Zona

It was education day for everyone in the nation but Charles Barkley. Arizona was awesome. Duke for the first time in my memory looked completely out of sorts. Kyrie Irving is fantastic but his return definitely threw the Blue Devils off kilter. Did Nolan Smith ever show up last night. The East Coast got an education in who is the best player in the land. No it’s not Kemba Walker, no it’s not Jimmer, no it’s not Nolan Smith—it is clearly Derrick Williams. He singlehandily kept his team in the game with 25 in the first half. I was watching the game with my friend Michael Bronfein and commented to him that Duke might be in trouble when Singler had to leave the game because of the blood on his arm. Zona went on a 13-2 run and never looked back.

it took overtime for Florida to completely wear Jimmer Fredette and as I predicted Chjandler Parsons was there when it mattered. Butler behind Matt Howard held on to defeat a game Wisconsin team. UConn and Kemba disposed of San Diego State. So Saturday’s matchups will be UConn–Arizona   and Butler vs Richmond.

Predictions for Friday’s games.

Marquette over Carolina—Marquette’s quick d will bother the Tarheels and force them into taking a ton of threes. For NC to have a shot Harrison Barnes better score 30.

OSU over Kentucky—No contest–Kentucky mediocre

Kansas over Richmond      Richmond will slow the game down but lose by 10.

FSU over VCA—love the team defense from the Seminoles.

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  1. freddy from boca

    the technical foul against byu stopped theeir “mo”

    kentucky mediocre? maryland should be so mediocre.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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