Coach Turgeon Gets It—He is Now The King of Basketball in the Balto-DC Area

With all apologies to JT3 and Flip Saunders, overnight Mark Turgeon has become a household word in the area. the last 2 nights at Tark’s and the Costas Inn—his name is in every conversation, I have been questioned 100s of time about my opinion of the hire, and everyone is asking how long til we are back on top again. This is why Turgeon came to College Park. He understands that here basketball is King. at College Station he was second fiddle even though his success was incredible. Now he gets the marquis games in the ACC, he will be taking the Terps into the Palestra next year. Listen there is an EAST Coast bias. If Derrick williams played at maryland, Syracuse, Carolina, Kentucky, UConn, or anywhere in the East it would not have taken the NCAA tournament for him to become the #1 pick.Whereas one week ago all most Easterners knew about Mark Turgeon was that he was an extremely successful Coach at Texas A&M–now he, if successful , will slowly become an icon–revered to a degree he could not imagine. I wish Midnite Madness was tomorrow night.

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  1. Ryan

    I just read this post where GIbbs basically says, if Ehsan is not retained, Gibbs is leaving.
    You would think Turgeon wants the best staff possible.
    Ehsan and Bino have shown in just a few years, that they can get it done, and they are great in this area.
    If this team can keep Faust and Gibbs, and land Cleare, Harrisons, and Anderson next year, THAT IS A NCAA TITLE amount of talent.
    If I’m Turgeon, I’m making sure that happens.

    Bruce- Have you interviewed Turgeon about any of this? We are all waiting to see what the recruits decide to do.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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