Schedule Greatly Favors Capitals Down The Home Stretch

It’s hard to believe that after the sorry start for Washington, the Caps are in the catbird seat as they ready to face Toronto Tuesday night at Verizon. 4 points up over Winnipeg but the key is that one more game exists between the 2 and it will be played in DC next Tuesday night. The schedule maker threw the Caps a bone because Winnipeg will be playing in Buffalo Monday night, thus a back to back with the biggest game of the year on the tail end. Six games left, the Caps are playing off the charts but why do I think next Tuesday will be crucial?

As #8 and Backstrom continue to pile up the stats, who do you think the leading producer at Verizon has been this year. Surprise it’s Mike Ribeiro. #9 is a magician. When you factor in the fact that Ovie gets the true prime offensive scoring opportunities, it’s easy to make a case for Ribeiro being the guy who might just take the Caps to the promised land. Ribeiro has turned Troy Brouwer into a think score first guy. Everyone Ribeiro touches steps up a notch. He has been the missing link in a playoff run that has been non-existent in DC.

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  1. wayne

    I know you love Ribeiro, he has played really well and came in a bit under the radar.

    Caps seem to really play well in the Oates system, although they have a bit of trouble closing out games of late.

    Holtby has been great in goal. Sooner or later, the Caps will have the hot goalie in the playoffs.

    I am looking forward to being at Verizon next Tuesday for the Winnipeg game.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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