Ravens Draft Guru Dennis Koulatsos Issues His Final Mock Draft for the Ravens

All right, here is my “highly anticipated” final NFL Mock Draft:

Round 2, pick 35 – I fully expect the Ravens to trade out of round one, in order to have two picks in the second round and two picks in the third.  Marcus Wheaton is the pick here.  This speedy wide receiver out of Oregon State has all of the tools to enhance the Ravens’ passing game.  He is very physical, and he will give the running game a lift by mauling defensive backs all over the field!

Round 2, pick 54 – D.J. Swearinger is the pick here.  I’ve mocked him to the Ravens from day 1, and I’m not stopping now.  This thumperout of South Carolina is a tremendous leader, and he will compete for a starting spot at safety opposite of Michael Huff.

Round 3, pick 70 – Barrett Jones out of Alabama becomes a Raven! This tremendous offensive lineman gives the Ravens multiple options across the offensive line.  This is the one key pick in the Ravens’ draft, in the sense that it gives them so many options.  It protects the team if Gino Gradkwoski struggles at center, or if he gets injured.  In the event that Kelechi Osemele does in fact man the critical left tackle spot, the former Outland Trophy winner can play guard.  He can even play tackle – which isn’t his best spot – where he’ll be no worse than Michael Oher.

Round 3, 94 – Reid Freigel from Ohio State.  The Ravens are high on the tenacious left tackle.  This 6’7″ 300 pound monster would have a chance to start.  Juan Castillo is a tremendous offensive line coach, and will do wonders with this young man, as well as the rest of the offensive line.  I know  Ozzie said he wants to rebuild the defense, and he’s done a real good job of that through free agency, but…..like me he is very much a “trench” guy, and knows how important it is to keep his $120 million dollar quarterback upright!  The other thing is this – as much noise has been made about Flacco and the passing game, this team will run the ball – a lot – in 2013.  With Rice and Pierce, you can bet on that!

Round 4, 129 – Brandon Jenkins out of FSU.  This outside linebacker will bring the heat behind Sizzle and Doom!  He is lightning quick and had 21.5 sacks in two seasons prior injuring his foot last year.  The Ravens can afford to bring him along slowly to make sure that he is 100% healthy before he hits the field, but when he does……look out!

Round 4, 130 – Kevin Reddick out of North Carolina.  This downhill inside linebacker is a terrific blitzer, a team captain, and great value here!  He gives the team an intimidation presence, depth, and competition for Rolando McClain (if Rolando is cleared and welcomed back).

Round 5, 165 – Jordan Campbell give the Ravens back to back inside linebackers, and like Reddick he is a good one!  He’s a bit under the radar, as he’s transferred schools a couple of times, but this New Mexico product looks a lot like Ray Lewis in his prime when you look at his tape.  I know that’s a lofty comparison, but when he hits ball carriers, they seem to always go backwards!

Round 5, 168 – Kyle Juszczyk  is a fullback out of Harvard that would make a great fit in the Ravens’ offense!  He has better hands thanVonta Leach, and is a real thumper as a lead blocker between the tackles.  He really is a willing blocker, and a high character guy.

Round 5 175 – Quanterus Smith is a rush end out of Western Kentucky.  I picture him coming to the Ravens courtesy of a trade, where the Ravens package their 200th and 238th pick to move in order to get him.  The team values players that can bring heat and get after the quarterback, and Smith is a good bet to do that.

Round 6, 199 – Michael Williams is a tight end that I’ve mocked to the Ravens as early as one year ago.  He is sets the edge real well for his running back, has soft hands, and has won a couple of championships on his Alabama squad.  We know Oz likes ‘Bama players, and for good reason!

Round 6,203 – Nathan Johnson from Ohio State is selected.  This hybrid outside linebacker/defensive end has a super high motor.  He plays like his hair is on fire, he’s very scrappy, has no quit in him, and would be a great value at this spot.

Round 7, 247 – Kejuan Riley out of Alabama State.  You heard it here first folks, remember that! This free safety not only has good size and speed (he compares favorably to our own James Ihedigbo), he also had a nose for the ball, as he intercepted 16 passes over the last two seasons.  He is also an excellent special teams players, which is a prerequisite for any late draft pick with hopes of making this team.


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  1. freddy from boca

    first let me say i spent about 10 minutes on the draft. i agree that the ravens will trade their first pick. not a great draft and the ravens have salary cap concerns. i don’t think more than 5 draft picks make the team and a couple of those guys will probably be put on the taxi squad. if you can get 2 guys who can start and play good ball it’s probably a great draft. more than likely one will start. no matter how many guys get drafted you’re going to read and hear glowing reports in the media. that’s because honesty doesn’t work well in this case. you’re not going to hear…well we took so and so in the 7th round because we couldn’t trade the pick for a couple of footballs. this 7th pick lacks great speed but he isn’t very strong either. he scored a 7 on the wonderlick test which supposedly means he’s not real bright which is good because he’s going to be taking a tremendous physical beating everyday. remember the good things you read about cody when he was drafted. how with his size and strength he’ll fit in perfectly on the d line. the ravens would love to find someone to replace him. remember what a great pass rusher kindle was going to be? it’s like that every year. lot’s of hope but few work out. but newsome is one of the bset in finding talent and getting good value. i think their are 2 qbs who might be good. ej manuel is the qb in the draft and matt barkley is good. i don’t think one running back will be taken in the first round and if any md players get drafted in will be in the last 2 rounds. i think kenny tate can be a real good safety in the nfl.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. Dennis Koulatsos

    Freddy, I always appreciate your commentary and your perspective. Mt. Cody lost weight last year and with that a whole lot of strength. Look for him to be dramatically improved this year for two reasons: one, he’s gained his weight back, and two (even more importantly) it is a contract year:)

    You may be right about a running back not being taken in the first round. The only one who may be taken is Ed Lacey from Alabama, who could go to the Rams, Cowboys, or Packers.

    In regards to QBs, EJ Manuel may in fact turn out to be the best QB in his class. Matt Barkley is polarizing, as he’s been mocked anywhere from a top 10 pick all the way down to the 4th round. His arm strength presents a huge concern.

    Kenny Tate when healthy is as very good safety. The Ravens will select a safety relatively high (Elam, Reid, Swearinger, Thomas), but they will also probably take one in the later rounds. I like Kejuan Riley out of Alabama State (16 picks the last two seasons), but I would be glad if the team took a shot at Kenny Tate.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  3. freddy from boca

    glad to hear about cody though he still needs to prove it on the field. dennis if you let your hair grow a little longer and get some hair gel maybe the new cbs sports will take you on as their answer to mel kiper. your knowledge and breakdown of the draft is amazing. true story…i was at the store and was wearing an orioles cap. and a u of md shirt. someone came over to me and asked about the cap and asked if i was from balt. then he asked what i thought of the draft and my first thought was..the draft ended in 1974 and we’ve had a volunteer army ever since.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  4. freddy from boca

    in regards to barkley. not saying he is another dan marino but his story is a little like marino. great jr. year with high profile team. senior yr a disappointment but i think this guy could be pretty good. i don’t think smith of w. va or the syracuse qb will be productive qb’s in the nfl.

    on espn 30 for 30 details the 1983 draft of elway, the first pick, marino-the nest to last pick in rd 1 and 4 other top qb’s…blackridge, eason.o’brien and kelly. the last pick in the first round in 83 went to the redskins. darrell green. pretty good pick for the bottom of the first round.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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