NFL Day 1–Winners and Losers–Blog from Dennis Koulatsos

There sure were a lot head scratching picks during the first round of the NFL draft, but we shouldn’t have been surprised – it happens every year!  Here are some of the more obvious one’s:

The Jets – took Sheldon Richardson and Dee Milliner, when they really wanted Barkevious Mingo and Tavon Austin.  Their needs are no different today than they were yesterday.  With two picks that early, that should have never happened!  They simply got outmaneuvered!

The Cowboys – clearly needing safety help, they traded down and didn’t get enough value in return.  To make matters worse, they took a center with a second round grade rather than taking a safety.  Time for Jerry to fire himself, and hire a real GM!

The Bengals – took a tight end when they clearly needed a safety.  They did this with the jury still out on Andy Dalton.  Moves like this will keep them in contention for the bottom spot in the AFC North with the Browns.

The Browns – took a rush end that needs to add bulk versus taking a shut down corner. Did they forget that they had Jabaal Sheard?  Expect the Ravens to run the ball down their throat all day long with Price and Pierce, and for the Steelers to do the same.  And yes, they’ll be running at Mingo and Kruger, especially since Mingo needs to add some bulk.  Welcome to the AFC North! 

The Bills – E.J. Manuel???  First QB taken?  ‘Nough said!

The Giants – they picked up a swing interior lineman with the 19th pick in round one?  Barrett Jones would have been a better pick….in round 2!

Da Bears – Kyle Long, a projected second (or third) round prospect drafted at #20?  So Howie Long is his father? So what???

The Broncos – they needed a rush end to replace Dumervil (Moore, Carradine), so they take a DT? One with a questionable motor?  Moves like that will make them long for Doom:)

Ok, enough with the negativity, let’s take a look at some teams that really helped themselves.  Here are the winners:

The Steelers – as a Ravens fan, this one hurts, but they did a good job here.  They took a rush end/linebacker to replace Harrison.  The pick made a lot of sense.

The Vikings – although I thought they gave up too much to get Patterson, getting Sharrif Floyd where they did at 23 was an absolute steal.  That guy is in the top 5 of most draft boards.

The Lions – “Ziggy” Ansah will be a great addition to their defensive line.  I am very thankful they took him before the Browns had a chance to get him (not that they would have taken him, mind you:)

The Rams – coming away with Tavon Austin AND Alec Ogletree was quite an accomplishment!  They outmaneuvered the Jets to pick the most explosive offensive player in the draft, and they also picked up the best inside linebacker as well!

The Panthers – picking up Star Lotulelei at 14 was a steal.  This guy will be a Pro Bowl player for years. 

The Ravens – call me a homer, but this was a great pick for the defending Super Bowl champs at 32!  After six minutes of waiting for the phone to ring, Ozzie Newsome turned in his card.  Me thinks that the other GMs are now officially afraid to trade with the great Oz, for fear of the ridicule that is sure to follow:)

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