Blog on the O’s from Freddy ——After Today’s Loss

The Orioles who have had terrible results at oakland the last several years take the series 3-1 and now the o’s have won their last 4 series winning 9 out of their last 13 games.  A winable game but poor pitching, shoddy defense will get you beat most of the time. and don’t forget the o’s are playing against major leaguers.  They’re not just going to roll over. If anyone thinks the bullpen will duplicate last year’s success you’re delusional.  Most guys had career years last season.  That doesn’t mean that they won’t pitch well, just not today.  I don’t think the defense will let the team down too often.  Sadly, it did today.  For those who think hitting is the most important element of the game, wake up— good pitching and good defense wins games. Pitching and defense is 85% of the game. Winning 4 straight series…that’s pretty pretty good. Forget about the today’s game.  It’s over.  On to seattle.

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  1. Mricklen

    Possible additional problems down the road, if Buck loses confidence in Strop and Hunter.
    With starters failing to go deep, the pen is very vulnerable to these meltdowns.
    They are demoralizing no matter the spin or nouveau cliches Buck mumbles.
    Remember this is in effect Buck’s 4the season with us, and as much as we love him and what he has done, his history now is very explicit.
    Takes over mediocre teams, builds confidence through next 2 years, team becomes winner in 3rd year. Dramatic decline in 4th, and Buck is gone.
    I know he is playing the marathon card as opposed to rhe sorint, but there are at least 3/4 games he has been obviously out managed , resulting in very disappointing losses.
    Worth keeping in mind. Just sayin…

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. freddy from boca

    steve johnson should be ready to get back in a couple of weeks so that’s one arm. don’t think strop is going anyplace soon. no options and has a live arm but he’s got to get it together. if arrieta can get his head together, which is a big if, he could be used as a starter or in the bullpen like last year. even wada could be used later in the season. gausman and bundy (if healthy) should be available after the all star game. i think buck has matured as a manager and learned g from his mistakes in the past and i personally don’t see the team tuning him out. they still have freddy garcia and jurrjens available. we’ll be fine. this team will get better as the season goes on.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  3. Mricklen

    I agree on all counts. And Buck is the best since #4, and he is more like able and player friendly , which is more acceptable and necessary in this age.
    We certainly have some depth in the pitching, not so in the position dept.
    In fact we are very thin as far as position replacements.
    Witness the bottom of the batting order. Need Nolan and Flaherty to step up, or else.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  4. freddy from boca

    schoop is or was as of sat on a 10 game hitting streak at norfolk. last yr the birds weren’t the least bit hesitant bringing up manny after only hitting really well his last 2 weeks at bowie and bundy, both really really young with limited experience. schoop has displayed more power in the minors than manny and is a very good infielder who has played short, second and third. would not be surprised if he is called up if roberts has trouble staying healthy and flaherty continues to hit poorly. also jj hit in the 230’s last yr and is hitting around 200 this year and his fielding though very good has seemed to drop off ever so slightly this year. urritto is an outfielder who came from cuba and just recently got to bowie. he started off hitting pretty well, switch hits and can play left and right. he’s someone i think the birds were expecting to make it to the big club quickly so he could be in play soon. after that the only other position player who might be close is caleb joseph, a catcher at bowie who can also play first and outfield.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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