The Lax Final Four is a Flawed Concept

Re: Maryland 2021–is The Final Four a Flawed Concept

  • by Bruce Posner

Let me begin by saying that yes unfortunately UVA was the better team yesterday and deserved the Victory and title that went with it.

However, after the last 14 years the jammed up Final Four Concept is flawed. All 8 years, The Terps have reached the Final Four they were placed in the 2nd game on Saturday. the Terps are 1-5 in the Title games and the other 8 teams that won Saturday’s nightcap are 1-7. This not a statistical coincidence. If I was Tillman, I would have been infuriated with the “Committee” doing this again to Maryland. Tils always takes the high road, but this is the fact.

Even Quint said during the Duke blowout, (paraphrasing) that UVA got in an extra meal and was relaxing at the hotel, while the Coaches were picking apart the video of the game. This even goes back to 2011 when the games were played in 100 plus temperatures and UVA had the same advantage on Monday.

If it’s the slightest edge in effecting the game it’s wrong.

The solution: there should be a SemiFinal Saturday the week before Memorial Day. What a huge event it would be–maybe at the Naval Academy every year. Then each team would have 8 days off to prepare for Memorial Day.

Year after year the “Committee” burns the Terps. The Towson’s AD explanation for the #3 Seeding made no sense. Really, Duke #2 ahead of Maryland? We saw how that played out.

Anyway, Congrats to John Tillman, clearly the Best Coach in Lacrosse over the past 10 years. To win your conference’s Regular Season Title, the Conference Tournament, the quarter final and semi final are accomplishments that some Coaches never achieve in a career, let alone a year. Before we can blink our eyes, odds are the Terps return to Hartford next year.

And to the incomparable talent of Jared Bernhardt, I anxiously his crowning as Tewaaraton Winner in front of his brotherhood of Terps –the Whipsnakes on Saturday. Jared is a generational talent and a first class individual as his brothers are as well


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