Ravens Stagger To 29-14 Win over Houston—Move to 4-1

Observations on a beautiful fall day at M&T:

Listening to the post game talk shows , I am still bewildered by the constant harping about Flacco. Keep it up and the fans will run #5 out of town. His protection in the first half was pathetic. What kind of offensive line allows free runs at their QB’s blind side. well the left side sure did!!!

Flacco’s pass to Boldin was a thing of beauty. His pass to Torrey was a shade underthrown and 82 made a great play. Torrey finished the day with 3 catches and 84 yards and no #82 jersey for sale by the Ravens.

To my uneducated eye, it seemed Haloti was being held virtually every play with 0 calls. As nearly always the defense was stupendous.

Introductions of the offense ws met with very little enthusiasm. When Ray eventually retires in 5 or 6 years, Here Comes The Ravens will suffice.

Billy Cundiff is amazing. Whenthe Ravens made a fair catch with 31 seconds left in the first half at their 40, I harkened back to the old NFL days when a frre kick with no tee was allowed for a FG. Think I’m nuts –look it up.

O oh oh oh oh o o—is great –100 times better then DeeeeeFence

With Ngata and Cory Redding up front why would Ray retire. He had 12 tackles today.

Here’s a question–When Ricky Williams scored to put the Ravens up 26 -14 why didn’t we go for 2. The Texans would have to score 2 TDs –which though unlikely could happen which would have led to a 28-27 defeat. Somebody explain to me the thinking.


Darrius Heyward Bey –6 catches 84 yards

As I predicted the Eagles easily took care of the redskins.

Jim Harbaugh might be the newest NFL coach but his propensity to show up the other team will bite him one day. His performance in Detroit was absurd. When other coaches get the 49ers down— there will be no mercy allowed.



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  1. freddy from boca

    paul hornung of gb made a free kick fg vs the lions. when ? that i don’t remember but i know he did it. hornung also scored 5 td’s vs the colts in one game at memorial stadium and on that same day gale sayers scored 6 td’s in one game . in neither of those “td” games did torrey smith or anyone from maryland make a good catch though if bruce had written this somehow dick shiner would have thrown for 500 yds and 11 td’s.

    Reply ·   October 17, 2011

  2. Durrie Hayes

    The score was 25 to 14 and a 2 point conversion would have made it 27 not 28 to 14. At least this made a TD & X Pt. plus 2 FG’s a tie; and if they scored 2 TD’s and missed an XPt it would have been a tie. Unlikely to have meant too much either way.

    Reply ·   October 17, 2011

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