Wayne Viener, Rockville, MD – Across the Balt/DC area the 2nd stringers have saddled up and provided hope where stalled offenses prevailed. All three, Piggy at Maryland, Lamar in Baltimore and Colt in DC are in because of injured starters.

We will start in College Park where Tyrrell Pigrome, who was the original starter when the Terps beat Texas in Austin last season, has taken over for Kasim Hill, who himself was coming off a torn ACL in his right … Read More »

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After the Terps beat Indiana, we caught up with Vernon Davis

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Before I break down the Redskins’ draft, I will confess. I was once a Redskins fan, back when the Colts had packed their bags and left in the middle of the night for Indianapolis. I was a 19 year old Colt season ticket holder when the Mayflower vans pulled out on a cold snowy night, leaving a huge hole in my heart. As the years went by and the NFL made no attempt to give Baltimore a team, being a … Read More »



Some of the many topics for this morning’s show:

Preview of Terps and Duke for Saturday afternoon at 1

Terps move to 3-3 ater win over BC

Coach Turgeon responds to my question about the team’s slow starts

How the Redskins Victory catapulted the Ravens into the Super Bowl

Duke pummeled by the U 90-63

2 potential Stars of the Super Bowl –Torrey and Vernon Davis

Terps fall to Navy in Spectacular wrestling match

Women’s … Read More »

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Some of the topics for today’s show:

Terps move to the Big 10

Review of Ravens Steelers Game with Dennis

Preview of ravens San Diego

The absurdity of the ED Reed fine

Preview of USC—Notre Dame Game

NFL Predictions

Hector Camacho Announced as Brain Dead

Jack Taylor scores 138 for Grinnell College

Radio Shows, Ravens, Redskins


Some topics for this morning’s show:

Dez Wells unfairly denied eligibility this year by NCAA

Thorough review of heartbreaking loss to NC State–loss of Perry and Devin Burns to injuries

The saga of the QB situation at Maryland—but there is light at the end of the tunnel

Stefon Diggs and the Wildcat

CJ Brown on the road to recover

Wayne Viener reports on ALL ACCESS Weekend with the Basketball squad

2013 Verbal Commit Derwin Gray —leading … Read More »

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— I don’t care what anyone says–why was derrick Rose in the game with 1 minute left and the Bulls holding a 12 point lead. ACL injury— gone for the year —Bulls now are virtually eliminated¬†

—Friday Washington was celebrating the addition of RG#. Football is everything in DC. But then for whatever reason the Redskin hierarchy decided to bust the bubble by selecting QB Kirk Cousins in the 4th round. Great–controversy and the kid hasn’t been to practice yet. … Read More »



Some topics for tonight’s show:

Preview of Virginia Tech Game

Lacrosse on the horizon

Signing day February 1

DJ Reader  and Stefan Diggs on wish list for Edsall

A grand night for the Maestro at College Park

2 Tough Losses to Temple and Duke

Wrestling rolls along defeating Carolina 25-10

Lady Terps lose to 7-15 Virginia Tech on Thursday

The Ravens horrific loss to New England

Wizards Replace Flip with Randy Wittman

Radio Shows, Ravens, Redskins


Some topics for the show this morning:

Kevin Anderson to review football program with Edsall from “top to bottom”

My take on John Feinstein’s attack on Randy Edsall

Danny O’Brien—why he should remain at College Park

Casey Townsend’s incredible career draws to a close with Maryland’s elimination in Soccer

Rumors of huge recruiting success in the near future for Terrapin football

Discussion about the transfers of Mackall, DJ Adams–who might follow

Randy Edsall denies interest … Read More »

Radio Shows, Ravens, Redskins

Some topics for this morning

Preview of Ravens Steelers with Matt Zenitz

The Unfair Treatment of Alex len by the NCAA

Alabama vs LSU—BCS Title Shot on the Line

Will Danny O’Brien Return to the Starting Lineup Today

Ed Reed vs Polamalu—SI Picks The Steeler–Are they nuts?

Report on Maryland’s 1st Game vs Northwood Friday night

Dodgers Need to Have Mark Cuban Buy the team not Garvey

Mid Season–No NFL team is even close to the Packers

College Basketball will … Read More »

Radio Shows, Ravens, Redskins

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