Broken Quarterbacks and Hopes Renewed

Wayne Viener, Rockville, MD – Across the Balt/DC area the 2nd stringers have saddled up and provided hope where stalled offenses prevailed. All three, Piggy at Maryland, Lamar in Baltimore and Colt in DC are in because of injured starters.

We will start in College Park where Tyrrell Pigrome, who was the original starter when the Terps beat Texas in Austin last season, has taken over for Kasim Hill, who himself was coming off a torn ACL in his right knee. Last week at Indiana, he tore the ACL in his left knee. In the 2nd half, Maryland started a hot offensive run with Piggy throwing and running to spark the offense. He looked like just what the formerly stalled Terp passing game needed.

For this week, Piggy got the start and the offensive explosion continued. Piggy brings enough zip both running and passing that you can’t just load the box and halt the run. You want proof? 51 points against Ohio State, 45 of those provided by the offense. Tyrell (Piggy) Pigrome brings hopes of a 6th win on the road at Penn State next week.

Is Piggy go to take the Terps bowling,? It is possible.

In Baltimore, you knew this was coming. You just did not know when Lamar Jackson would take over for Joe Flacco. One sore hip and the transition was made. I think that Joe just got Wally Pipped. (If you don’t know what that means, look it up or ask someone.)

Leveraging blazing speed and elusiveness, Lamar made the Ravens offense watchable again. And he beat the Bengals, which has been surprisingly hard for the Ravens. Is Lamar Jackson going to put Baltimore into the playoffs? That might be a bit much to ask right now, but as of this writing the Ravens are the last wild card. Is he going to make some Sportscenter Top 10 plays, you bet.

Of course he can’t carry the ball that many times every game, but Lamar did what he had to to win this Sunday.

In Washington, the injury plagued season continues for the NFC East leading (for the moment) Redskins. 33 years ago Joe Theismann had his leg snapped by Lawrence Taylor of the NY Giants. Cue the tape for Alex Smith’s injury today. Very similar. On the injuries, the top two receivers and two pro bowl offensive lineman, plus the original starting 3 tailbacks are all out.

Look, much like the Ravens and Terps, the Redskins were stuck in neutral on offense. Not enough to really win. Enter the Texas Longhorn Colt McCoy. He traded the clipboard for a football and got the Redskins on the scoreboard twice, briefly holding the lead over the Texans. As the Redskins travel to Dallas for a first place showdown, Colt brings hope that he can lead this offense to a few more points then just good enough (or not) Alex Smith.

Is Colt going to win the NFC East? That might be a bit much to ask right now. But this is his chance of a lifetime.

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