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Wizards Gone Fishin as Pacers Coast to Series Win 93-80

Wizards lost all 3 of their home games in this series.

We can’t complain. I only hope the Wizards are able to keep free agents Marcin Gortat and Trevor Ariza on the squad

Gortat, Wall Keep Wizard Hopes Alive with a 102-79 Victory

Marcin Gortat 13-15 from the field—31 points–16 rebounds

Wall 11-20 Shooting –27 points

Rebounds  Wiz 62   Pacers 23

Mike Miller Hits 2 Treys in OT As Memphis Goes Uo 3-2 As Gizzlies Defe...
Look for Wizards to Win Game 5 and Close Out the Bulls

Oddly, Chicago is a 5 point favorite.

Wall and Beal Continue Early Series Domination of the Bulls as the Wiz...

The Wizards are clearly better then the Bulls and I would not be in the bit surprised if they sweep. Nene was big time tonight. I have to admit I was 100% wrong about him. When he is healthy, he is fantastic. Finally, Grunfeld has put a winning team together–look out for the Wiz

It’s Time To Give Ernie Grunfeld Some Props–Wizards are for Real

After years of missing the mark Ernie has put together a heck of a good team.

John Wall—If you think having the first pick is a lock remember Kwame Brown

Bradley Beal–the Wall Beal Tandem is one of the best in the NBA

Trades for Gortat and Nene–formidable inside presence

Trevor Ariza–great defensively and good 3 point shooter

Signing Andre Miller and Drew Gooden for the playoff run–depth has improved greatly

Toss in Trevor Booker and Martell Webster and it’s easy to figure out why the Wizards are for real

Nene, Gortat Lead Wizards to Game 1 Victory 102-93 over the Bulls

MVP: Nene scored a game-high 24 points (8 rebounds 3 assists) and was spirited from distance in going 7-for-13 from beyond 10 feet. As good as Joakim Noah has been on defense this season, it was often the case that he didn’t have the muscle to compete with Nene.

X factor: Andre Miller got off to a slow start in the first half, looking surprisingly rusty for a vet (but also one who’s never been out of the first round of the playoffs). But early in the fourth quarter, once the Wizards had built momentum in the third, Miller scored eight of his 10 points on an array of crafty moves.—Gortat added 15 points and 13 rebounds.

My take–This is no upset. Both Shaq and Barkley picked the Wizards to win the series. the Bulls have no answer for the interior size of Washington

Wizards Drop to 7th Seed (Miami) After Disastrous Loss to Bobcats
FINALLY – Wizards Clinch 1st Playoff Spot since 2008 After Defea...

As it stands now, the Wizards would face Toronto and Greivis in Round 1.

Wizards Need 3OT To Defeat Raptors 134-129 – Wall 31 pts –...
Greivis Vasquez, Wizards
Wizards 96 Cavs 93 —Return to 500 at 28-28

The only downside to tonight’s game is that Nene left the game with 6 minutes left with what appears to be a sprained knee.

We Want Phil—Even the Zenmaster Can’t Help This Laker Team

What a waste of money signing Dwight on this team. Early in the 2nd half Metta WP is dismantling the Wiz but then again it’s the Wizards. When Nash and Stevie return this team will become slightly better then mediocre. D’Antoni can’t win with his style with this team. Mitch got it wrong. Larry Brown could win with this team. One thing about Kobe , he plays his heart out at all times.

I’m trying to understand why Nene is on the bench. Is Wittman preserving him until his next injury. Wittman also gave Seraphin a tongue lashing at the end of the half. Somebody please call the Maestro up in time to reconsider. Kobe is scoring but his outside shot just is horrible. #24 had an Iverson like night–30 points on 9-29 shooting  Anyway it is a sellout for these 2 subpar teams. 102-96 Lakers who are now 10-14 and the Wizards fall to 3-17